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Industrial advancements and ever increasing population has posed great threat to human survival on earth. The problem of environmental pollution and global warming is on high alarm. The need of the hour is to go for eco friendly options in our everyday lives to counter these problems and protect mother earth. People have realized the concern and there is a noticeable shift of consumer choices from synthetic products to eco friendly options. Floor matting is the most commonly employed home decor in homes, office spaces and industrial facilities.  Be it welcome mats, doormats, kitchen mats, commercial or industrial mats, companies have come with a range of shapes, size and designs, that makes it the most versatile tool in the home decorator arsenal. The present scenario has seen a stratospheric rise in the popularity of natural matting that has coir, sea grass, hemp, jute as its raw material. The most popular amongst all are sea grass mats that are not only durable but also add the aesthetic touch to your floor spaces.

A doormat is a great front door accessory. It marks your first impression on the visitor and as they always say, first impression is the last impression; it goes a long way in projecting your hospitable image to your guests. Derived from a flowering plant that grows underwater in the sea, sea grass mats are an affordable and stylish purchase to accent a room. It grows underwater and resembles grass. The crop is flooded with sea water to help it grow strong and healthy. Its strap like leaves are handpicked and dried in sun which are then spun into cords and woven into distinctive beautiful floor coverings like, rugs, carpets, mats or ropes.

Here we list you some of the benefits of sea grass mats that make them the most preferred choice over the synthetic alternatives:

Sea grass mats are absolutely biodegradable. Since the raw material is derived from natural sources, it does not put any undue pressure on our existing resources. Not only its manufacturing but also the disintegration is absolutely biodegradable i.e. it does not release any harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

Sea grass mats give a natural sheen and greenish sage taint that complements the overall look of the place where it is laid. Sea grass is never dyed and comes in natural colours.

It is anti static in nature, which is essentially useful for jobs when a little electric charge might interfere with the work people are performing in the area where it is installed.

Owing to the molecular structure of the fibres, sea grass mats are noise absorbing, thus they would cut upon the excess sound in a children’s play area.

Sea grass mats are absolutely natural. So they would perfectly blend with colour scheme and mood of the house.

It requires low maintenance. Few shakes are just suffice to ward off dust or dirt, however, it is recommended to vacuum clean it with a suction pipe to ensure long life to your mat.

Sea grass mats are susceptible to moisture or water laden areas, thus, it is best suited for indoor usage as they might trap mould and mildew that can play havoc with its fibres. Also, they neither should not be used for bathroom, kitchen, basements or any other damp area.

They are anti allergic, thus they are an ideal choice for homes where member are suffering from asthma or any sort of allergy.

The light coloured appearance of sea grass mats is an important attribute of sea grass mats that helps hiding most of the dirt clinging to its surface.

So, stop mulling over the thought and chose from the vast collection of Floorspace sea grass mats to save you from house cleaning, as these mats would get mud and grime off of shoes so that it’s not tracked through the house.

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