What is Bubbler and How it Functions?

Many individuals new to smoking weed or tobacco often wonder about the newly launched devices promising a smooth hit. There isn’t any doubt that these well-designed smoking tools are quite beneficial and even support healthier way of smoking. However, people ignorant of their benefits and working system do often wonder about the tools reliability and whether it is good to enjoy a good relaxing hit. One such confusing device is bubblers, the trendiest water pipes.

What exactly are bubblers?

The bubblers are glass device having a similar pattern composition of water pipe or bong. However, the smoking tool differ slightly in design, working system and benefits. Bubblers are well known to be a cross of traditional exclusively designed water pipe and the modern water pipe. Unlike bong, its shape is more like portable smoking pipe.

More about its structure – How it’s designed?

  • It has a mouthpiece, bowl and even a carb hole similar to be found in the traditional dry pipe.
  • The stem is built in such a way to store small quantity of water that helps in cooling the filter smoke before you inhale it. Yes, guessed right! It is healthier way to smoke your choice of weeds.

Now, know how the structure parts function to provide maximum smooth hit –

  • It is quite easy to make bubbler function smoothly. You just need to fill the chamber at the bottom with cool water. The high cooling level of water helps to enjoy a great hit.
  • Next you need to put the grinded or powdered weed in the bowl part.
  • While inhaling make sure to seal the carb with your thumb before you start inhaling the smoke.
  • You can now light the weed in the bowl and start inhaling the smoke through mouthpiece slowly.
  • Once the smoke starts infusing more in the stem, remove your finger from the carb to gain a smooth hit.
  • The percolation system in your bubbler will help in inhaling smoke having no impurities and toxins.

People who love to smoke cannabis extracts especially marijuana would love to use bubblers as the smoking elements really taste good while inhaling its smoke. You can never deny using bubbler bong once you have tasted its hit. Surely you would like to buy well-designed bubbler from popular sellers like Express Smoke Shop. You are sure to own the best worth its cost.

What are the other advantages of using new trendy bong?

  • Beginners in smoking can easily enjoy a smooth hit in easier way. No more they need to get confused about working of complicated mechanisms like bong or water pipe.
  • They are portable, easy to handle while smoking and of course available in many sizes, color and shapes.
  • The bubblers are designed using durable material like scientific glass, and thus you can use them for many years.
  • If you desire to have quick smoke in a healthier way, then bubblers are just the device you need to keep with you to use often.

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