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Choose Scones to Elevate the Aesthetics of Your Home – Scones for Every Room

When it comes to interiors, lighting is one of the most important aspects as no matter how cool you design a room, it’s the lighting that can make or break the overall appearance of the room. Lighting is what that accentuates the other highlights of the room. Lighting adds style and functionality to a room.

Illuminate grandly with chandeliers:

Accent lighting is used to turn the focus on specific places or objects while task lighting is used to provide added functionality to high-traffic areas. To enhance the overall glow of your room you need ambience lighting and chandeliers fit the bill. They are elegant and add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Crystal chandeliers have made a huge comeback and they are ideal for hallways, kitchen, dining room and even bathroom. Imprint a great first impression on your guests by placing crystal chandeliers in the hallway or entryway. If you are looking for high-quality durable chandeliers at great deals, Sofary chandelier works great.

Modern lighting is available at steal deals at Sofary, which makes them the people’s favorite choice for lighting fixtures. Check out their extensive online catalogue and find one that suits your room style. Another great versatile lighting option for providing soft ambient lighting is scones.

Scones for every space in your home:

Just like chandeliers scones are available in a wide array of styles and themes. Identify the areas that need task or soft ambient lighting and use scones to accentuate the space.

  • Entryway: Add a scone that compliments your chandelier for setting the ambience or position a scone near focal points like console table, artwork, mirror or seating areas to serve as task lighting. You can fix a matching pair of scones after making sure the end-result doesn’t appear cluttered.
  • Living room: The ambience of the family gathering spot must be cozy. Try experimenting with a medley of fixtures. Iron is a great choice since it goes well with both warm and cool tones.
  • Hallway: Illuminate your way with a series of matching lights for added charm. Create contrast by pairing dark lighting fixtures with light walls or you could install both downlights and up lights for balance. Choose petite scones for narrow hallways.
  • Dining room and kitchen: Layer lights in these prime spots. Gone tones interact well with stainless steel appliances. Add dimmers so that you can alter the light intensity depending on the mood and occasion like study sessions or dinner parties.
  • Bathroom: if the scones are placed near knobs or faucets, its finish shouldn’t look out of place alongside them. Choose visually contrasting tones like pairing metallic tones of bath bars with gold or brass scone.

Using the same finish throughout could radiate a boring look. You can use a combination of black and gold finishes since they go together. Rather than opting for too much of medley, you can stick to similar shaped lighting fixture for elegance. When it comes to material, you can opt for glass, wood or stone. Choose scones for adding a timeless look to your home.

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