How Effective are Cheap Driving Lessons?

People are often attracted to low-priced things. However, taking cheap driving lessons cannot make you a professional driver. Choosing good quality training for your driving lessons can help you to become a good driver.

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The usaul price of driving lessons is:

According to the researches, it has been recorded that many driving schools charge anywhere between $30 and $40 per hour to start with, and depending on the reputation of the driving school, it may go up to $95 per hour. The high-quality driving instructors may charge you from $60 – $75 per hour.

How the price of driving lessons is fixed?

The factors on which the price of the driving lessons is fixed are as follows:

  • Purchasing vehicle and operations, maintenance.
  • Wages for the employees.
  • Training for driving instructor and accreditation.
  • Insurance.
  • Operating expenses.

All of these factors are taken into consideration before fixing the amount to be charged for any driving lessons.

Why some driving lessons are are available for cheap?

Cheap driving instructors can be grouped by the amount that they charge for the lessons. The charges range from $40 – $50 per hour for driving lessons at those driving schools.

The reasons to provide driving lessons at low cost are:

  1. Lesser Experienced instructors

These driving schools will hire a newly licensed driving instructor who does not have much experience in training, and they need a good reputation for their institute. So, they attract more customers through advertising and cheaper prices.

  1. Bad vehicle condition

They mostly use the old vehicles, which lack the dual controls, which would be a threat to your safety. If you make any severe mistakes on the road, it would result in drastic accident, which could be life threatening.

  1. Trainers are without accreditation

These schools have instructors who are just having basic knowledge and minimum qualifications for training. If you get trained by them, then you will not be able to develop the good driving skills needed to become a safe driver.

  1. Unsatisfied trainers

The instructors at cheap driving schools would be paid very less when compared to the other trainers. So, they would be not satisfied with their job, and hence they won’t even bother to correct their trainees or teach them properly.

  1. Extra charges than the mentioned fee

Many driving schools may advertise cheaper rates, and then when you join them initially, they would give discounts on the first few lessons, and later increase the fees by adding additional charges.

Now that you know the reasons behind cheaper rates, it is suggested that you look for a genuine driving school. Ask questions about the fees like why it is so cheap, what is included and excluded, what is so unique about their school and many more such questions. Based on their answers, you’ll be able to make your decision wisely.

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