KN95 Masks – Its Importance in Fighting Against Covid-19 Virus

Covid-19 pandemic situation has created chaos all over the world. As we still do not have any vaccines or medicines available for it, the virus has infected millions of people around the world. As precautions are the only way to keep us safe, every individual is ensuring to follow them.

Face masks is one of the safety measures for us. There are plenty of face masks available in the market, making us all confused as to which one to choose. As per research, KN95 masks are found to be the effective ones. So, we have tried to gather detailed information about it.

About KN95 Masks:

KN95 actually stands for the regulatory standard for filtering respirators. This mask is designed in such a way that it fits around your nose and mouth perfectly, hence protecting you from all sorts of particles such as bacteria and virus. They are made from 5-layer protection (i.e. high quality non-woven fabric, hot air cotton and melt-blown fabric).

KN95 mask are very comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly making you rest assured to use. Unlike other masks, they had elastic ear loops, which ensure it’s tight and firmly fits to the face. Properly covers your face from nose to chin. Many companies have started manufacturing this KN95 masks in bulk.

Custom Earth Promos, a company located at Delray Beach Florida, USA are specialized in making reusable custom bags and high quality of face masks. These are made from natural recycled bottles and other recycled materials. We can buy KN95 face masks online too.

Usage of KN95 masks:

KN95 masks are one-time usage masks. This means each new use will require a new mask. However due to shortage of this KN95 masks, CDC has recommended their reuse, only if stored well between uses and used by just one person. Care needs to be taken while wearing the masks. Below are the steps to wear the mask:

  • Firstly completely place both your hands over the mask and inhale sharply.
  • Be careful that the mask is in it position at all times.
  • It should be pulled into your face. In case, the air leaks around the eyes, adjust the nose piece and straps. You need to repeat the positive pressure check.

Precautions to be taken before and after wearing the mask:

  • Always sanitize your hand before and after wearing the mask
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask
  • When touching or adjusting the mask, make sure you wear clean gloves.
  • Before wearing the mask, always ensure that the fitting and its composition has been compromised
  • Always ensure you discard the mask after use properly. Do not let it come in contact with any person.

Lastly things to remember before you wear the mask:

  • Always ask your healthcare provider, if you can wear such masks. Especially, the ones who have respiratory issues can have problems in wearing such masks.
  • If your mask is cracked or breathing becomes difficult, then you should replace it with a new one.
  • These masks are not suitable for children or people with beard. As this won’t fit them properly.

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