Dry Herb Vaporizers are Convenient, Simpler and Healthier than Other Smoking Methods

E-cigarettes or vape pens are battery installed pens that heat the substance inside which converts into smoke. Various shops sell different kinds of vaporizers, bongs pipes. An ordinary pipe is no longer in fashion. They also have separate rooms for smoking and some also keep different herbs and liquids for smoking. Don’t worry, these shops have a license and are legal in their local state.

Express Smoke Shop provides various smoking accessories their online site provides all options on one page. Generally, smoke shops have limited stock, so you are disappointed when you don’t receive what you want. However, Express Smoke Shop is an industry leader so they have all options in huge stock. They have a huge stock of vaporizers, bongs, glass bowls, bubblers, rolling papers, hand pipes, and foods for you as well as your pets.

Different types of herbs require different kinds of e-cigarettes. Generally, the vape is used for smoking dry herbs, but other substances are also used for inhaling smoke. Vape pens are different from vaporizers which are used for a liquid cartridge. Whether it is liquid, dry herbs, oil, atomizer, joint, etc. all require different types of smoking method.

Let’s compare some of the compounds with dry herbs vaporizers –


The temperature used in the vape pen for dry herb is different from that of vape oil. Vape oil needs a higher temperature to warm up and it takes a longer time in forming smoke or bubbles. This means you will have to wait for a while. Dry herb can be cleaned easily form vape eon as they turn into powder dust. However, oil sticks to the sides of the chamber which has to be properly cleaned that take a lot of time.


Atomizers are meant for those who’re on the process of quitting smoke. E-liquid is filled in it which either has very little amount of nicotine or it contains just flavor. Atomizers are of no use after you quit smoking permanently, but dry herb vapers can be utilized for smoking mint, lavender or any other herbal or flavored liquid even after you leave smoking. Filling atomizer with liquid is quite tricky and time-consuming.


Joints can be made with simple rolling papers, some dry herbs, and filters whereas in a vape pen you need the accessory, then filling, cleaning and maintenance is quite a hassle. Rolling papers are cheaper than these high tech devices. However, it is kind of embarrassing for a beginner to smoke a joint in public, but using a vape pen looks quite stylish. Moreover, beginners may not be an expert on rolling papers smoothly to prepare a joint.


These are made from THC that leaves a psychoactive effect on an individual. Concentrates look like wax because they’re quite thick in appearance. The potency of concentrate is a lot higher than dry herbs. However, dry herbs are more convenient than concentrates. They don’t take much time to heat and filling is also easier.


Pipes aren’t healthy compared to vaporizer pens. You load it with dry herbs and light it with fire or torch. After heating the smoke directly goes through the pipe into your throat and hits the lungs. However, in vaporizer pens, dry herbs are filtered before they come across your nostrils or mouth.

We have other accessories like glass bowls, bongs, etc. which also are being used by many. Every smoking accessory has its method which is somewhat similar to dry herb vaporizer. Other smoking methods are also easier and slightly similar to vaping, but dry herb vapers are much better, convenient, and healthier than others.

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