Consider Basement Renovation – Make Every Part of Your Home Look Appealing

It comes as no surprise that basements are the most outdated space in most home. However, do you know that basement renovation can earn you more returns than any other room renovation? An organized and finished basement increases your property’s resale value and can double up your living space.

What are the indicators that basement needs a renovation?

  • Structural damages: Structural damages like problems with pillars, walls and flooring are a major sign to renovate your basement. When left unattended for too long, cracks may develop or the walls could start bending and this ruin the appearance of the entire basement.
  • High moisture content: Water leakage in the basement, unattended cracks causing water seepage, mildew and damp smell emanating from the basement are signs that there is high moisture content in the basement. You can sort it out with the help of professional renovation services.
  • Degenerating hardware elements: Over time the hardware elements like poles, doors, staircase, joists may lose their appearance, become loose, develop holes or cracks, start rotting, splitting or warping etc. These structures are likely to cause injuries to your family members.
  • Plumbing issues: An inefficient plumbing system leads to leaks in your basement. Leaks increase the moisture content in the basement and makes way for other problems. It damages the walls and floors. Who wants to deal with a smelly basement? Get the help of renovators to take care of the plumbing and other damages.
  • Built using harmful techniques and chemicals: Harmful chemicals could have been used in the past when erecting your basement – asbestos, radon, volatile organic compounds and older paints. These cause harm to humans and the environment. Swap these with safer alternatives.

Look out for the above signs and do a thorough investigation of your basement to determine if it needs remodeling. Contact the best renovation services offering Basement renovation North York to make upgrades to your basement. Cedar Hills Contracting are the go-to choice for many North York residents owing to their craftsmanship.

Their team would assess your basement and offer you design suggestions. They’ll transform your dark and damp basement into a fully functional space and stay within your budget requirement.

Tips to remodel your basement:

  • Adequate research: There are so many interesting basement ideas – like adding a gym or a kitchen. Gather ideas from magazines, online and trade shows and see which one works for your requirements.
  • Create a plan and stick to it: The two major considerations are budget and time. Create a realistic plan and then start the renovation work. Try not to make changes to avoid additional expenses and to complete the project on time.
  • Leave open spaces: Rather than spending more on erecting walls to separate spaces, you can consider leaving open spaces and use the amount for other home improvements.
  • Basic flooring: Basements are prone to leaking and it is better to choose cheaper floor options to save more bucks in the long run.

Basement renovation is a smart investment. Get creative with it with a help of professional remodelling services and design a functional basement.

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