How to Earn Money Selling Ringtones On iTunes?

With a lot of competition, it is very important to develop the right marketing strategy to make money from your music. There are certain aggregators or distributor firms that can help upload your music to popular music stores. Ringtones are a trusted way by which a music artist can earn money.

This article will discuss the ways by which you can make money from your ringtones.

What makes ringtones an effective way to sell money?

Ringtones are one of the ways that can get you some additional cash. There are various ways to create a ringtone:

  • Create your ringtone,
  • Create it from a catchy piece of your music
  • modify the popular song of any music artist (by taking their permission). This will keep you safe from any legalities.

MicroDigi is a reliable and recognized ringtone distributor that helps music artists to sell their ringtones on all popular music stores and streaming services.

What is the cost of a ringtone?

On average, the price of a ringtone is $3. This cost can increase when a music artist makes several ringtones in a year.

What is the right way to sell ringtones on Google Play?

Google Play is one of the popular music stores that allows music artists to upload and sell ringtones online in return for money. All you need is to drag the music MP3 file that you would wish to use in the form of a ringtone.

Go to the Settings area on the phone, choose Sound & notification, and then navigate to Phone ringtone. You will find that your song will be listed as a ringtone option. Choose the song that you like to set it as your ringtone.

Can I sell my ringtone on online music stores?

A lot of music artists do not know how to sell ringtones online. Here is the simple three-step procedure that will help you sell your ringtone and make money from it.  The process is simple.

Step 1: Register on a trusted music distributor service.

Step 2: Upload your ringtone on it and

Step 3: Distribute to online stores. You will be paid for the sale of your ringtones.

Following these simple steps, you can earn income out of your music creation and expand your fan base.

Is It Possible to Sell Ringtones On iTunes?

Apple Music is no longer permitting people to upload music to iTunes music store app via computer. If you wish to put your ringtone on this music channel, then you need to use the iTunes mobile device store that runs on iOS devices.

You can use your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for this purpose. You will find ringtones available to music fans iPod Touch as a “Ringtone product”.


Earning money from music can get difficult for new music artists. They need to get associated with credible music distributor firms to make their place in the competitive music industry. Selling ringtones is a good way that can help artists earn money to progress and thrive in this sector.


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