Quit Smoking with CBD Oil – How Does It Work?

Cigarette smoking directly means addiction to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is just like cocaine or heroin addiction and is very hard to let go of. In order to help such people with cigarette smoking addiction, CBD manufacturers have come up with many CBD supplements.

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CBD Oil and Cure for Addiction

Normally, it is believed that the environment and the situation is the main reason for the beginning of addiction in the first place. The other circumstances that can make a person fall into the pit of addiction can be emotional problem or the cellular memory.

Brain memory is like a chain of links. For instance, you might have noticed that as soon as you wake up, you will automatically crave for coffee. After coffee, you will automatically crave for a cigarette and so on. Breaking this chain is a very difficult task, and this is the path that pleads to the rehabilitation.

Serotonin is actually the neurotransmitter that is responsible for the calmness and good mood in a human being. With the intake of nicotine, you are increasing the production of serotonin neurotransmitters in your body, as nicotine triggers serotonin production in bulk. A path to quitting nicotine intake is like telling your body to reduce the production of serotonin.

When there is not enough supply of serotonin to brain cells, you will automatically feel depressed, anxious, and moody, have no interest in participating in any fun activity, and so on. The best way of replacing the serotonin production in a healthy and required volume is with the help of CBD oil.

CBD oil available in the form of vaping liquid will work just like nicotine in the body, but will not cause any secondary side effects or even addiction in users. Instead of quitting smoking completely, it is suggested to reduce the nicotine intake gradually and increase the CBD oil dosage intake.

Studies conducted on a group of cigarette and cigar smokers with CBD oil have shed light on many facts. The study group was divided into two different groups and one group was allowed to smoke the inhaler with placebo and another group was provided with CBD inhaler.

The group that vaped CBD inhaler reduced the daily smoking of cigarettes almost 40% than before, when compared with the group that vaped the placebo inhaler. It was even discovered that the brain cells of CBD inhaler users broke the chain of nicotine cravings and the chain was not replaced with CBD oil intake.

CBD oil is not a 100% cure for the cigarette addiction problem. It can help your body to quit smoking up to a maximum extent. It is strictly suggested to consult your physician before switching to cannabidiol oil vaping liquid.

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