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Reasons Why People Don’t Like To Live In Washington DC

Washington DC has a variety of lifestyles, job opportunities, and so many outdoor recreations. People enjoy the mild weather here and the beautiful seasons. You can find people from different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions and it will be quite interesting to live here. But since everyone’s preferences differ, some want to leave this capital city.

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Now let us see why people want to move out of this region.


The shortage of housing in DC makes it not affordable for people. Becoming a house owner in DC is challenging and the rent is also too high and though you get a high salary, it won’t be enough for paying the rent. All people cannot afford to live near jobs. To save their earnings they are pushed to look for cheaper housing and live away from their workplace.

They need to drive to work every day that costs the most significant portion of their income on transport and it worsens the traffic condition also. Even the employers get affected by this housing issue since their workers cannot afford to live anywhere nearby.


The main reason is the traffic. Washington DC is flooding with traffic and it is stressful for commuting from one place to another. Heavy traffic makes the transport in the suburbs really slow. Moreover, some too many tourists visit DC for its great attractions which makes the crowd in central areas jam-packed.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in DC is comparatively much higher than in any other part of the country. Though there are so many attractive things to do here, everything comes at a price, but there are also a bunch of options available at affordable prices.

Since the population is so dense here, many people depend on public transport. Unless you buy a multi-day pass, you will have to pay more for longer trips.

Food is important for everyone, and remember that the restaurants in DC are expensive, and you will have to pay more.


In DC there are the majority of educated people who strive to be successful in their life. To achieve that they need to work harder for long hours sacrificing their personal life, socializing with people, and such.

These factors, overworking, commute times, population, cost of living, obviously expose people to a high level of stress. That is why DC is ranked first as the most stressed-out city.


Universities in DC attract young adults around the world and it is the home to several universities. In every field of study, students are sure to benefit from enriched experiences. But there are also some drawbacks. Students need to pay much for their housing and other essential expenses like food, utilities, transport which are too expensive for a student.

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