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Interior Design Ideas & Tips

Here are few interior design ideas that we have curated for you. Have a look:

  1. Decide Your Style

Take note of the designs that you already have in every phase of your life. This can be used as a starting point for deciding the style and design of your interiors. Recall a hotel or a restaurant in which you’ve dined or stayed that particularly charmed you with their plans. It can be a minimal interior look or a New York clubby look.

  1. Find out What You Don’t Like

It is a lot easier to express what you do not like rather than what you want. By figuring out the dislikes, you can focus on the likes and work around those options.

  1. Build around your space

Space planning beforehand is essential. People often end up using furniture that is too large and vice-versa for their space. The retail companies are to be blamed for this as the large-scale furnishings has saturated interiors to a great extent today. Think about the balance of your space and build furniture that best fits your space. Consider establishing different zones for different activities for a larger room.

Opt for a seating area that is good for conversation; another area for television setup; a work area with a desk. Think of the weight and distribution to balance out your space. Proportion & scale is the key to any design.

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Sample Your Paint Selecting paint is the most important yet cost-effective decision you can make. The right paint choice can harmoniously connect space. Think of the entire house as a whole before choosing the paint. Considering how colors affect your mood is essential. Few colors make people happy, calm and few can even make them aggressive. You can paint the bold doors black as a contrast against white walls.

Go for actual paint samples on your walls while looking for options. Observe these colors in natural light and morning light. Often color that has worked well for one home may not work for another. What looks good in your friend’s house might not complement your home, and something that looks good on the paper might not translate into your interior. Try different hues on the wall and pay attention to the undertones. It can be the touch of pink, blue or yellow. The outside environment often affects the temperature of the light. The sky and the greenery outside can create reflections of various colors on your interior walls.

4. Mix both High and Low Price Points

Consider hiring a designer and buy furniture based on shape and comfort that works best for you and your needs. Don’t be afraid to mix both high and low price points. Not everything needs to be precious to be necessary.

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