Why CBD Treatments Aren’t the Best for Your Dog

CBD treats for dogs can be a great idea…in theory. They aren’t always the best way to give CBD to your dog.

They may not contain as much CBD as the claims and could make your dog’s problem worse. Today you will learn why CBD oil treats should be avoided and how to support your dog in other ways.

CBD: The Benefits

CBD is a natural way to relax your dog and help prevent and manage…

  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues
  • Seizures, epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Tumors
  • Cancer

It is easy to see why CBD treats are becoming popular with dog owners. Are they the best?

CBD Treatments may not be the best choice

CBD is an excellent natural supplement. The main reason is how the treats are made.

Baking CBD: The Problem

Only treats that are processed at low temperatures will have the same amount of CBD as the product’s label. Or, if the company tests for CBD levels after baking the product. This is not a common practice.

CBD dog treats might not be the best option if your dog has a particular condition. Because you won’t know how to give your dog the right dose.

Artificial Additives

Many CBD dog treats have artificial preservations which are completely unnecessary and sometimes even harmful. Worse, these additives increase the product’s shelf-life and not your dog.

To make your dog’s treat more attractive, flavoring agents can also be used. These additives, particularly sweeteners can cause bad bacteria and yeast to grow in your dog’s stomach. Most flavorings are entirely synthetic.


Dog treats and processed dog food are often high in grains and other carbs. Starchy foods feed bad bacteria and yeast in your dog’s body. This can cause inflammation, leaky stomach, and other chronic diseases, including those CBD treats.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has become a favorite flavor among dog treat manufacturers. It makes perfect sense, dogs love it. However, just because your dog enjoys it doesn’t mean that he should.

How to give your dog CBD treats instead

CBD oil is the best option for your dog. Make sure you only buy CBD oil from hemp, and not marijuana (marijuana). Hemp is almost free of THC, the substance that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects. Your dog will be able to enjoy the many benefits of CBD oil made from hemp.

CBD oil is easy to give precise dosages and can be put directly in your dog’s mouth or on his food. You can make it cheaper if you need a higher CBD dose for your dog… and it will work faster.

How to give CBD oil to your dog

Your dog’s size will determine how much CBD oil you give him. Lower doses of CBD oil are usually sufficient for anxiety. Higher doses may be required for pain and immune problems.

You can make your own CBD oil treats if your dog doesn’t like CBD oil. For a few moments, soak your dog’s favorite organic treat with one drop of CBD oil. After the oil has absorbed into the treat, give your dog the snack. It’s as simple as that.

CBD treats can be very convenient but they don’t have enough potency to be considered medicinal. Many contain ingredients that could make your dog’s problem worse. You should ensure that the food they are given is safe and low-temperature.

You might also consider CBD oil. It is easy to use, and your dog will get the CBD he requires.

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